Our Approach

Calvin Coolidge once famously said, “The business of America is business.”

In the twenty-first century, it could easily be said, “The business of the world is business.”

At DelMorgan & Co., we embrace this concept and dedicate ourselves to helping the businesses of the world.

— Rob Delgado and Neil Morganbesser,
Co-Founders, DelMorgan & Co.

DelMorgan’s unique approach to business has grown out of our dedication to our core principles and the experience of our professionals over the course of decades working on some of the most challenging, most rewarding and highest profile transactions around the globe.

DelMorgan’s distinguishing core business principles are:


DelMorgan brings significant intellectual firepower to each client situation. We treat each engagement as a new and exciting problem to be solved, and we do not follow a “standard approach” but rather tailor our approach to each situation. We think outside the box, we identify and analyze all options in conducting a strategic assessment, and we strive to be recognized as a thought leader in each of our assignments. Our professionals combine intellectual flexibility with a level of sophistication that is unmatched in virtually any other financial services firm.


DelMorgan’s professionals have extensive transactional experience in over 50 countries on 6 continents, where we have successfully closed over $250 billion of transactions. For each of our clients, we approach each engagement with a deep understanding of the local context, but we also think globally about possibilities and opportunities. With a successful track record advising on cross-border transactions, we can provide our clients with the benefit of our experience, our contacts and our cultural sensitivity across many jurisdictions.


The DelMorgan team has developed a rigorous approach to financial analysis over decades of experience as senior professionals at some of the world’s premier investment banks and financial services firms. DelMorgan focuses intensely on each client assignment, conducting in-depth qualitative and quantitative analyses and producing world-class work product. Our professionals can get up to speed quickly on any assignment, and we have a great facility and comfort level with even the most complex situations.


We hire only seasoned professionals with the proven ability to interact with the business leaders of the world – as institutions and as individuals. The DelMorgan team includes professionals with substantial experience operating a company as well as advisory expertise. Our depth of transactional experience across all transaction types and industry sectors means that we bring “real world” expertise to bear on all facets of a transaction: marketing, negotiation and complicated interpersonal dynamics, as well as financial and strategic analysis.


We are distinctive in that we use a “reverse pyramid” structure – we have more senior professionals than junior professionals. Our profitability is based on the dedication of our Managing Directors to remaining “hands-on” throughout the course of an engagement. We require that our junior staff have had substantial expertise in transactional advisory work at a leading financial institution prior to joining DelMorgan – however, we never sacrifice our clients’ interests to train our junior staff or increase productivity. Our Managing Directors are here because they want to be and because they like what they do, and our clients can be assured that they will have uninterrupted senior-level attention throughout the course of our relationship.


DelMorgan is first and foremost a client-service institution, and we put our clients’ interests first. We strive to be a “service leader” and to provide complete responsiveness and 24/7 availability to our clients. DelMorgan avoids any activities that would put us in conflict with our clients or distract us from our core focus – we are purely advisory, with no research, trading or brokerage operations. Importantly, we structure our compensation to align our interests with our clients’ objectives – over the long term. Consequently, we can afford to be patient and not transaction-oriented. We understand and pursue our clients’ interests – and make them our own – staying focused on providing the right advice for every situation.


DelMorgan is also distinctive in our passion for success. In a financial services sector with many driven and capable companies, DelMorgan aims to go the “extra mile” in our responsiveness, energy level and drive to win. We have a high degree of pride in ourselves, in our capabilities and in our clients. At DelMorgan, we set the highest professional standards for our team, and we are relentless on behalf of our clients. We combine our personal drive and our passion for excellence with our clients’ ambitions, and we work tirelessly to achieve their objectives. In this way, we create a highly intense but highly enjoyable atmosphere in which our engagements are rewarding and fun both for our professionals and for our clients.