Our Team

Our Founders

Rob Delgado, Chairman (rd@delmorganco.com)

Neil Morganbesser, President & CEO (nm@delmorganco.com)

(310) 319-2000

Our Professionals

DelMorgan’s investment banking professionals have a track record of success at some of the world’s leading financial services and advisory firms. With over $300 billion of completed transactions and experience in over 80 countries on 6 continents, our team can immediately bring to bear a wealth of expertise in almost any industry and with almost any transaction type.

With DelMorgan’s unique approach, our senior professionals remain actively involved in all aspects of a client engagement, and our junior professionals come to us with substantial prior experience at internationally recognized institutions.

Our Managing Directors

Vahan Callan (vc@delmorganco.com)

Chris Delgado (cd@delmorganco.com)

Alexander Kasdan (ak@delmorganco.com)

Len Simonian (ls@delmorganco.com)

Steven Tartaglini (st@delmorganco.com)

Brandon Akiyama (wba@delmorganco.com)

Samir Asaf (sasaf@delmorganco.com)

Shaman Bakshi (ssb@delmorganco.com)

Jason Burr (jab@delmorganco.com)

Greg Campbell (gc@delmorganco.com)

David Chang (dc@delmorganco.com)

Stephen Crook (sc1@delmorganco.com)

Cade Cunningham (ccc@delmorganco.com)

Brien Desilets (des@delmorganco.com)

Robert Finkelstein (rf@delmorganco.com)

Adam Green (ang@delmorganco.com)

Matthew Kessler (mjk@delmorganco.com)

Antony Kobrossi (antony@delmorganco.com)

Francis König (fk@delmorganco.com)

Robert Lee (rlee@delmorganco.com)

Tamara Lowensohn (tl@delmorganco.com)

Marshall Minor (mmm@delmorganco.com)

Ivano Panetti (ip1@delmorganco.com)

Polly Preventza (pp@delmorganco.com)

John Reilly (jar@delmorganco.com)

Prasanna Shetty (ps1@delmorganco.com)

Matthew Slonaker (mas@delmorganco.com)

Monette Stephens (mrs@delmorganco.com)

Reena Strehle (reena@delmorganco.com)

Paul Talley (inquiries@delmorganco.com)

Todd Young (try@delmorganco.com)

Youngho Kim (yk@delmorganco.com)

Jung Hoon (Junny) Lee (jl@delmorganco.com)

Kook Jin (Kevin) Lee (kl@delmorganco.com)

Soon Kie Min (sm@delmorganco.com)