Antony Kobrossi

Antony Kobrossi is Managing Director at DelMorgan & Co.  Prior to joining DelMorgan, Mr. Kobrossi served as Managing Director at Film Ventures.

Mr. Kobrossi has extensive expertise providing world-class financial services in Capital Raising, Strategic Advisory, and Mergers & Acquisitions engagements for clients in the Technology / Media / Telecommunications (TMT) and Entertainment industries.

Mr. Kobrossi brings 20+ years of experience and business relationships within Venture Capital, Private Equity and Investment Banking.  Mr. Kobrossi’s roles have included executive management, board member and Advisor throughout his professional career.

Mr. Kobrossi has received specializations and certificates from The Wharton School, Columbia University, Yale University and Stanford University.  Mr. Kobrossi is a frequent speaker on the subjects of finance and strategy at various conferences.