Jason Burr

Jason Burr is a Managing Director at DelMorgan & Co.  Mr. Burr has a 20-year background as a serial founder, executive and futurist within FinTech, Mortgage Lending, IoT (Internet of Things) / IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), Security, Oil Remediation Chemicals, Insurance and SaaS technologies.

Mr. Burr has been an active mentor, director and advisor within the startup communities of Charlotte, New York, Boston and San Francisco for organizations such as Founder Institute, TechStars, Northeastern University IoT Open Innovation Lab and Lynk Global, and he has provided ongoing mentorship to corporate entrepreneurs through Ivy Execs.

Mr. Burr has served as a strategic advisor in the areas of innovation, futurism, iteration, monetization and exit strategy to various companies at different stages of growth, including OpenMenu, a major foodtech and menu/ordering company.   Mr. Burr has advised in the development of a novel blockchain cryptocurrency designed as a non-profit to support sustainable funding of socially impactful research and development.  He has also developed a sustainable fundraising platform for major non-profit organizations in the area of eSports.  In addition, Mr. Burr has been invited to speak to and consult with organizations and government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in the areas of data, machine learning/AI and computer vision; the U.S. Special Operations Command Science & Technology Division; and John’s Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab (APL) in the areas of IoT security standards, weaponry innovation, and counter-weaponization measures of advanced commercial technologies, as well as futurism and moonshot development.

Mr. Burr has also served as a Board director for various organizations, including as a National Trustee for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, where he has served on committees addressing Pharmaceutical, Payor/Insurers, Research, BioTech, Grant Programs and Venture Investing in areas such as autoimmune disease research and the development of novel treatments, medicines and devices, including micro-biome and cannabis.  As a Board director, Mr. Burr provides a level of diversity and perspective related to age, inclusion, technology, sustainable revenue generation model development, future-proofing, a deep network, and various forms of innovation and efficiency design, frequently helping pivot and iterate fundamental business and revenue models into far stronger and more lucrative designs.

Initially beginning his career in mortgage banking, Mr. Burr went on to launch and run several online mortgage banking platforms for a number of banks nationwide, including NBT/PennStar Banks (NBTB), managing large remote teams, and originating more than $8Bn in prime/A-paper rural community mortgage loans.  Later, Mr. Burr stepped into commercial lending, financing over $300MM in real estate development projects within the U.S. and the Caribbean.

With a history of driving ROI as high as 4,000%, achieving annually recurring revenues of over $100MM within 8 months leading to a 10-figure exit, and pivoting business models to achieve over a 95% profit margin, Mr. Burr continues to serve as a Board director and advisor in the areas of strategy, monetization and innovator to executives, companies and boards.

Mr. Burr has been on all sides of M&A and capital raising, as both a founder and advisor in M&A negotiations and long-term exit strategy.  With his extensive network and knowledge base within multiple industries, Mr. Burr is able to provide clients with not only traditional capital raising and M&A services but also a highly tuned perspective on growth and revenue opportunities, as well as sustainable product and market positioning.

Mr. Burr proudly serves as a single father to 4 young children.  He is an avid DIY’er of woodworking and home renovation, and a life-long skier turned late-blooming snowboarder.