Samir Asaf

Samir Asaf is a Managing Director at DelMorgan & Co.  Dr. Asaf has 29 years of diversified global experience in business management and consulting across investment banking, with extensive expertise in the telecom, manufacturing, technology and service sectors.  He is a thought leader in the area of strategic finance, engagement-driven change management, and customer-centric business transformation.

For over two decades, Dr. Asaf has been affiliated with the telecom, financial services and technology sectors, with 15+ years at the board level.  He has been CEO at multiple companies spanning technology, manufacturing and services sectors in North America and the Asia-Pacific region.  Dr. Asaf served as CEO at Performax Inc. and Senior Consultant at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a part of the World Bank Group, where he was involved in conventional as well as synthetic debt, equity, mezzanine and other structured finance transactions.  Prior to that, Dr. Asaf was Finance Director at AT&T Corp., where he supported business planning and M&A transactions.  He was a speaker at the UN Global Compact Leadership Summit in Geneva in 2009.

Dr. Asaf is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) from IMA and a Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) from the Association of Financial Professionals (AFP).  He completed the Certificate in Accounting from UC Berkeley and received a Professional Certificate in Data Science from MIT.  He is a Chartered Director and Fellow at the Institute of Directors (IOD), London and a Board Leadership Fellow at the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD).  He received a B.Sc. in Economics from Boston College, an M.Sc. in Econometrics and Macroeconomics from The London School of Economics, a Diploma in Management from Oxford University and a Ph.D. in Finance from SMC University, Switzerland, and he was a Research Fellow in Strategic Finance at the Harvard Business School.

Dr. Asaf is author of “Executive Corporate Finance: The Business of Enhancing Shareholder Value,” Financial Times Prentice Hall (2004), and the 2020 NYC Big Book Award Winner for “Engage x Lead = Transform” (2019), both available on