Youngho Kim

Youngho Kim

Youngho Kim is a Managing Director at DelMorgan Korea, with over 20 years of expertise in the financial industry and corporate finance.  Mr. Kim’s long track record of experience advising KOSPI, KOSDAQ and other Korean companies has made him one of the leading advisors in the fields of structured finance, capital raising and strategic advice in Korea, with a particular expertise in structuring convertible bond and bond/warrant issuances.

Prior to joining DelMorgan, Mr. Kim saw an opportunity created by the the financial crisis and organized the purchase and restructuring of distressed assets of financial institutions, with very successful results.  In addition to his 20 years of financial advisory service, Mr. Kim has also served as an f/x and derivatives dealer for six years, working for Shinhan Bank in Korea.  Mr. Kim also founded the international phone service company PRISM Communication through a joint venture with KDD, the Japanese international telecom carrier (currently KDDI), and he also founded and operated KITV(an IP-TV company).  Mr. Kim has extensive experience in the IT industry, working as a CFO/CEO for 9 years.

Based on a broad understanding of the financial industry and corporate finance, Mr. Kim has developed throughout his career a deep understanding of many aspects of corporate finance, including structured finance, restructuring finance, mergers & acquisition, etc.

Youngho Kim studied through the university level in Korea, and since then he received his M.S. degree in material science from the University of Southern California in 1992.

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