Fairness / Valuation Opinions

DelMorgan provides clients with the unimpeachable analytics, reputational credibility and rapid turnaround time for a world-class fairness opinion or valuation report.

Complex financial problems require complex financial solutions. Very often a transaction, a company, an asset or a liability may be difficult to describe, no less to value. Even when it can be described and modeled, the determination of actual value is frequently art as much as science, depending on an arcane knowledge of discount rates and betas, controversies about methodologies, familiarity with comparable companies and transactions, and experience in applying valuation techniques and utilizing them in the real world.

Our professionals have been intimately involved in the preparation and delivery of fairness and valuation opinions to companies, boards of directors, boards of trustees and other interested parties in every capacity, from in-depth financial analysis and the preparation and delivery of the opinions themselves, to serving on (and chairing) fairness committees at a number of globally recognized investment banks.  This experience has included providing formal fairness and/or valuation opinions in connection with an overwhelming majority of the transactions listed on our Transactions page.

Whether a client is looking for a valuation opinion or a fairness opinion, DelMorgan has professionals with a long history of providing high-quality valuation analyses and fairness opinions in a wide range of circumstances and in a fast and highly responsive manner.