M&A – Acquisitions and Divestitures

There is perhaps no business activity in which the value of having a seasoned and effective professional team can be as significant and as obvious as in M&A.  It can often be the difference between success and failure.

DelMorgan’s professionals, with their decades of experience in M&A of all types, provide our clients with just such a team.

No aspect of business has been more popularly misunderstood – and more unfairly maligned – than mergers and acquisitions. Yet a successful M&A transaction, whether through an acquisition or a divestiture, can be the key to unlocking the true potential of a company, or making the quantum leap to the next level of profitability and success.

With extensive transactional experience in hundreds of situations across dozens of countries, the DelMorgan team is preeminently qualified to assist our clients in the broad range of M&A transactions. Our seasoned professionals remain actively engaged with our clients from start to finish in the execution of the transaction.

Some of the distinctive features of DelMorgan’s approach to M&A include:

  • Beginning with a clear understanding of the client’s business and the overarching strategic goals
  • A rigorous analysis of the strategic alternatives – including the M&A transaction – and the value creation that may result
  • A candid assessment of the potential pitfalls – in the strategy and in the transaction execution process – and ways to manage them
  • A process that is tailor-made to the specific client situation and objectives
  • A thoughtful approach to all the parties who may be involved in the transaction, their interests and their motivations
  • Active engagement with potential counterparties through all phases of the transaction (marketing and persuasion, information exchange and due diligence, negotiation and closing)
  • An aggressive approach to identifying and pursuing potential synergies in pursuit of a “win/win” transaction, which can be the basis for true value creation
  • A truly global approach to every transaction – reflecting DelMorgan’s expertise in cross-border transactions, our relationships around the world and our comprehensive approach to every engagement