M&A – Sale of a Company

With extensive experience selling companies ranging in value from $10 million to $10 billion, DelMorgan’s professionals are among the best in the world at running a sale process that is designed to maximize value and certainty of closing.

A company may decide to sell for a variety of reasons:

  • Impending strategic challenges may make this an opportune time to sell
  • Potential (or actual) third-party interest from possible acquirers
  • Desire of the shareholders to diversify or monetize their investment
  • Natural organic evolution of the business (e.g., reaching a plateau)
  • Need for more capital to reach the next level of success
  • Compelling synergies available in the case of a business combination
  • Change in the marketplace among competitors and/or customers
  • Change in the marketplace regarding valuation of comparable businesses
  • Desire for a shift in the shareholder base (owners, management, etc.)
  • Life cycle / estate planning / tax / partnership considerations (for individuals owners or for fund sponsors)

Regardless of the rationale, few decisions can be as stressful – and as consequential – as the decision to sell a company. At DelMorgan, we are acutely conscious of the value that can be unlocked by a successful sale, and the value that can be destroyed by a poorly run process. Our professionals have deep experience in running successful sale processes for a wide variety of companies around the world. This experience gives us the discipline to manage a sale process designed to minimize the disruption to our clients’ companies. Equally importantly, our experience teaches us that only a tightly run sale process will produce the highest value and the greatest likelihood of closing for our clients.