Raising Capital

For a capital raise, you need both discipline and creativity to be successful.

Our team – with its experience and contacts around the world – can provide both.

Our clients seek to raise capital for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Funding or jump-starting a growth initiative
  • Pursuing a strategic acquisition
  • Finding a strategic partner
  • Expanding the shareholder base
  • Increasing the equity component of the balance sheet
  • Improving trading performance for a public company / preparing a private company to go public
  • Shareholder diversification / monetization

In approaching a capital raise assignment, our team pursues the following steps:

  • A thorough review of the client’s business, financial status and strategic prospects
  • A rigorous quantitative and qualitative evaluation of a wide range of transaction alternatives and transaction structures
  • Identification of the key investment highlights for potentially interested investors
  • Identification of the key issues – and potential responses – that might inhibit potentially interested investors
  • A review of the legal, tax, regulatory and other factors that might affect a transaction
  • Analysis of the likely investor universe – global as well as domestic, unconventional as well as conventional – and the best approach for each
  • Preparation of the marketing materials, and assistance with refining a management presentation and data room
  • Approach to the investors – negotiation of confidentiality agreements, initiating and pursuing contact with key decision makers
  • Managing a process tailored to achieve our client’s specific objectives – whether achieving a competitive dynamic, minimizing dilution, closing quickly, etc.
  • Assistance the client through due diligence, in the negotiating / structuring process and through the closing of the transaction 

    All capital raising and related securities services are offered through registered representatives of Globalist Capital LLC, a registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA and SIPC.  Prospective clients of DelMorgan seeking capital raising or related securities services must enter into a client engagement agreement with Globalist and DelMorgan.  The services offered by DelMorgan and its affiliates (other than Globalist) are limited to corporate financial advisory services and other non-securities advisory services.  For further information, please contact Neil B. Morganbesser, Chief Executive Officer of Globalist.