Special Committee Advisor

A Special Committee is often formed to protect the interests of both the shareholders and the directors.

At DelMorgan, we work closely with all parties – the Special Committee, the Board, the management team, and the other financial and legal advisors – to ensure the process functions smoothly, the record is pristine, and the right decisions can be made.

Very often a company has the need to form a Special Committee to protect the interests of independent shareholders or others in the case of a possible conflict of interest. These situations can be simple and straightforward, or they can be extremely delicate.

DelMorgan’s professionals have decades of experience advising Special Committees on billions of dollars of transactions. We understand very clearly our role, the role of our client, and the broader context in which our engagement is occurring. The depth of our involvement in each engagement depends on the particular situation. It can range from running an entire transaction to merely expressing an opinion on someone else’s work, and everywhere in between.

Regardless of the degree of our involvement, we take our responsibility to the Special Committee very seriously – for giving professional advice of the highest standards and integrity, and for establishing a record that will provide the right protections for the members of the Special Committee in the future.